[Zope-DB] Which objects can be stored in Data.fs

rdl3 at compaqnet.fr rdl3 at compaqnet.fr
Thu Oct 6 09:00:23 EDT 2005


After a successful Database packing (thanks to Dieter!), I compared the
old and new sizes of my databases. From 26 GB, it was 320 Mb after

I thought there was too much difference between both. I watched closely at
the progression of my new database, and realised it had gained 100 MB in
just a day !

So I went to the "undo" part of the ZMI, and I saw that zope stored in the
database every, EVERY transaction, that means even the simple fact of
VIEWING a page. I began to understand why it increased so dramatically.

So my questions are:

1) is it normal ?
2) is it possible to tell zope NOT to store some things in the database
(for instance in zope.conf-I've looked but not too closely and found

PS : I use zope 2.7.2

Thanks a lot

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