[Zope-DB] Re: Which objects can be stored in Data.fs

rdl3 at compaqnet.fr rdl3 at compaqnet.fr
Fri Oct 7 05:15:03 EDT 2005

> Josef Meile wrote:
> Urm, in this case, I'd suggest the guy should really find out what's
> causing those writes, they're likely impacting heavily on performance,
> if nothing else...

Yes that's what I'm doing now... I have an impression that it affects also

> PS: Any chance this thread could move to a more appropriate list, oh, I
> dunno, say zodb-dev at zope.org or zope at zope.org?

Oh I'm sorry, I thought this list was appropriate...
What is the original purpose of this list ?
(and which one could be the most appropriate for the problems I focus on,
according to you ?)

Thanks a lot

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