[Zope-DB] MySQL

Michele Marcionelli michele.marcionelli at math.ethz.ch
Fri Oct 21 06:31:33 EDT 2005

Ciao Dario,

> I want to use MySQL in my Zope Installation.
> But I'm not able to install software (I don't really understand what
> shall I use and what shall I do...) I'm using
> Zope: 2.8.1
> MySQL 4.1
> Windows XP

You have to install "MySQL for Python":

Copy the "ZMySQLDA" Zope Product in your Protucts-folder:

Restart zope.

Log in as manager in the ZMI and add a "Z MySQL Database Connection" 
with the correspondig info of your server.
After that you can use the "SQL Method" to query your MySQL server via 
the "Z MySQL Database Connection".


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