[Zope-DB] Closing idle DCoracle2 Connections?

Germer, Carsten carsten.germer at desy.de
Mon Oct 24 07:32:42 EDT 2005

Ok, that's a bit much for my question I guess...
I gather from all your mails that I can not "close" a database
connection periodically or on event from Zope (Script or whatever)?
Any hands-down clues what I can do to prevent db-conns from ideling

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>Matthew T. Kromer wrote at 2005-10-21 20:39 -0400:
>> ...
>>What happens with Zope and DCOracle2 I think is when the DA  
>>connection object is ghosted, it doesn't know about it, and thus  
>>doesn't close its connection.
>Why not?
>  When the DA instance is ghosted, the "db" object is deleted
>  (last reference released).
>  In an optimal world, the deletion of the "db" object would release
>  the last reference to the DCOracle connection and this
>  would close the connection to Oracle before the memory
>  is released.
>> ...
>>The close is implicit when the  
>>connection object is destroyed, but usually there's so much stuff  
>>loaded that *someone* has a reference to the connection.
>That's the bug.
>There should be no references to DCOracle resources outside
>the "db" object (at least, Zope's DA/ZSQL do not require
>such references outside). Thus, when the "db" object goes away,
>the "DCOracle" resources should, too.
>>However, the code is still geared around OCI8 and some Oracle 
>9 code,  
>>its due for some refactoring in a big way to deal with the profusion  
>>of handle-driven objects now much more prevalent in Oracle 10.

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