[Zope-DB] OracleStorage shared

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Sep 23 16:41:41 EDT 2005

Giorgio Pieretti wrote:
> In front of the servers there is a "load balancer" that choose at which 
> server pass the web request (based of some internal "hidden to me" 
> algoritms).
> The data should be in an Oracle DB. Please, don't ask me why. It's a 
> "planning tie" :(

Well, then you're going to suffer a slow and lingering death under a 
mound of OracleStorage woe.

Seriously, it's turnip, hasn't been supported in YEARS...

> By now, Just THE FIRST server I run Zope can have read/write permission 
> on DB, but the SECOND one can only read (an error occurr when I try to 
> create or modify any portal object).
> I should not use Zeo, because using Zeo I need to assign a Master and a 
> Client server, and if the Master fail, the client will not work :(

Well, here's a plan:

load balancer
|             |
ZEO Client 1  ZEO Client 2
|             |
ZEO storage server with OraceStorage mounted
(seriously, you're gonna suffer!)

You can then have multiple ZEO storage servers running off Oracle, with 
one or more clients attached to each, leaving the load balancer and 
Oracle as the single points of failure.

For the record, your situation is crazy, and you will pay an extremely 
high penalty for it...


PS: Did I mention what you're trying to do is nuts? ;-)

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