[Zope-DB] Help request from a non-developer

Infor Gates info_gates at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 15 03:08:18 EDT 2006

I hope this can help you.

|Thanks for responding. Well, I choose this list because I thought
|(without extensive Zope knowledge) a possible solution would be to use
|an external DB, like MySQL for example, on a separate server for all
|client data and only use the ZoDB for site/programming related data.
|My thought was then that I could point both the production server and
|the test server at that DB server. I take it this isn't easy to
|achieve ?

Yes. You can separate client data from ZODB. I uses 2 PC - one PC as production
server and the other PC as Development Server and Test Server. Note: 2 server
applications on same PC.  I uses the Postgresql database on same PC to store my client data.
What you need is database adapter to connect Zope to Postgresql.

|> and you have found the fatal flaw with Zope:
|> it is really hard to separate programming/configuration from the site
|> data. Those two things are intertwined in a single binary file, the
|> ZODB and things that are easy to do from the admin interface (2 
|> changes) take a long time to script.

I use Zope as Application Server: meaning all my application
coding are kept in Zope. No client data is store in ZODB other
than the required user id.  Zope allows you (2.7 or later) multiple
instance of Zope on the same PC. I used once instance to run 
Development Server and a 2nd instance for Test server. Separate
zope instance is like having separate zope server. The application
code between the two instances are synchronize manually using
IMPORT/EXPORT function. Hence, separate team can test the
system separate without affecting each other.

|It was my understanding though that you can use an external DB in
|conjunction with the ZoDB, wouldn't it be possible to put my
|client-entered data (form responses mostly) on this external DB ?

Postgresql allows you to create multiple database - developmentDB
testDB. So, I can connect development server to development DB
and testServer to testDB.  However, database synchronizing is
performed manually (through backup & restore function) - data
is mainly static.

When the application is fully tested, it then exported
to Zope Production Server using IMPORT/EXPORT function. 


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