AW: [Zope-DB] external ZODB from Zope interface

Frey, Peter Peter.Frey at
Thu Feb 2 12:20:16 EST 2006

depending on what your goals are, maybe the following approach we use at
our site may help:
it is possible to mount "external" ZODB storages from a ZEO server into
the main storage
here an excerpt from our Zope configuration:

 <zodb_db main>
   mount-point /
   cache-size $ZODB_CACHE_SIZE_MAIN  
   pool-size $ZODB_POOLSIZE
     server $ZEOSERVER_MAIN
     storage main
     name zeostorage
     cache-size 100000000

# ----------------------------------------
# mounted ZEO client storages:
# provided by local or remote ZEO server
 <zodb_db normen>
   mount-point $MOUNTPOINT/Data/Normen:/Normen
   cache-size $ZODB_CACHE_SIZE_NORMEN  
   pool-size $ZODB_POOLSIZE
     storage normen
     cache-size 200000000
# and a couple of other storages follow here
the variable MOUNTPOINT (defined ahead) specifies a ZODB Path under that
the storage is mounted
the content of the storage is then accessible through ZODB paths
directly from the main storage
note that it may be also possible to use local file storages (Data.fs
from local folders)
but as we have a not too small multiuser environment with several
servers we have no experience with that 
so you may have to experiment on your own


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Thanks for the very useful reference.
However, I don't see anything in there about accessing a ZODB. I may
have missed something, but I don't see a suitable ZODB adapter that I
can add in the Zope interface (similar to what is apparently possible
for Gadfly, MySQL,  PostgreSQL, and other DBs).

Any other ideas about how to access 'external' ZODBs and make them part
of the Zope project?



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