[Zope-DB] Checkboxes selecting records...

Rich Harley raharley at mailshack.com
Sat Feb 11 13:31:46 EST 2006

Hi all

Not sure if I'm on the right lines with what I'm trying to do below.

I have a list of records that come from a database select query (dtml-in 
horses). Next to each record is a check box. I want to be able to select the 
checkbox of x number of records, submit the form and see just those records, 
minus the ones I didn't check. This will be the confirm page. When I have 
confirmed my selections, the said records should then be stored on a page so 
I can view them later, like a permanent select query I suppose that I can 
view at any time. For each time I select and confirm some records, a new 
page, with those records on, should be created. Am I correct in guessing I 
have to use the id as the identifier? I've got as far as passing the results 
of the checkbox form onto onto the confirm page - but only displaying 1,2,3 
etc or whichever ones I check. How can I get records with id 1,2,3 out of the 
database table? Then can those records be saved onto a html page for use 
later? I'm using mysql, if that makes any difference.

Sorry for all the (probably simple) questions!

Thanks in advance.


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