[Zope-DB] Setting max_rows and cache_time for SQLMethods on the file system

Michele Simionato michele.simionato at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 05:12:22 EST 2006

I am using Zope 2.8.4/Plone 2.1.1/ZPsycopgDA  1.20 on a Debian box.

I have a few SQLMethods which has been put on the filesystem using FSDump 0.9
and are read by a Plone site with a DirectoryView.

A typical one is the following:

$ cat distinct_client_names.zsql
select distinct client from rhp_clientcode

I have discovered that the values in the dtml-comment are not honored:
so if I change max_rows_ to a different value nothing happens.
Zope always retrieve up to 1000 rows, which is the default value
fixed somewhere: grepping a bit I discovered that there is a
``max_rows = 1000`` statement in Shared/DC/ZRDB/DA.py, but changing this
had no effect, so it must be set somewhere else.

If I define a new SQLMethod in the ZMI (i.e. not in the file system)
and I set the max_rows limit there, everything works fine.

So, how do I change the max_rows and cach_time limits for the SQLMethods
on the file system?

            Michele Simionato

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