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dieter at handshake.de dieter at handshake.de
Thu Jul 6 14:47:22 EDT 2006

techmail at digital-nirvana.com wrote at 2006-7-6 10:16 +0530:
> ...
>I add python script to my project and make some changes
>But those changes are not working.

What is "your project"?
What types of "python script" are you speaking of?

  There are at least 4 types of Python Scripts:

    *  standard Python source files, imported as modules and packages

    *  "Script (Python)": Python functions in persistent Zope objects

    *  "FSPythonScript": similar to "Script (Python)" but stored
       on the file system

    *  "ExternalMethod": persistent object reading in a function
       from a source file in an "Extensions" directory.

If you change something, you should see the change -- at least
after a restart.

If you do not, then this means that actually a different object
is used (and not the one you have changed).

If you anwser the questions above, I may be able to
give you some hints how you can find out which object
is really used.


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