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bob gmx Bob.Wheldon at gmx.de
Wed Jun 7 23:32:20 EDT 2006

Hi Everyone,

Can you help a colleague? philip.immirzi at yahoo.co.uk

He is looking for the following:-
> Okay here goes with a v brief requirement:
> + A web based rewards management system (a points scheme like
> mypoints, ipoints, rpoints),
> + Versatile content management system + community,
> + CRMS / email marketing system (or use a white-listed third party),
> + Easily skinned,
> + Powerful product, retailer, manufacturer directory, with - rate and
> reviews functionality , price comparison (eventually)
> + Ability to import and update large datasets easily,
> + Ability to serve own content and others content, maybe using
> xml/xsl, easily & fast
> + All with some clever back-end functions, stats, fraud prevention …
> I want to skew rewards for green / ethical / fair-trade products /
> services and use affiliate schemes like trade-doubler & CJ to get
> commissions which are recycled, but u get points whatever you buy (you
> cannot be good all o the time), but more if you buy green. You collect
> points and redeem for vouchers or donate to charity. Some of the
> commission goes to planet saving schemes.
> I discovered joomla recently, and I reckon you could do this through
> it, drupal or similar, plus stuff like oscommerce, phpbb, phplist,
> h2desk, for a very low initial outlay. When stumbled on the CMS Plone
> and remembered you talking enthusiastically about zope and python
> (good enuf for google is good enuf 4 me).
> Anyway the rewards system, which tracks links to completed
> transactions, is well beyond my primitive abilities. Also is my
> directory requirement combined with rewards actually actually just a
> modified shop?
> I don’t have a large budget, so was wondering about procuring in
> eastern Europe or India – am I completely mad?
> Any ideas?
Best Regards/MfG,

Bob Wheldon

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