[Zope-DB] Multiple databases connection

Infor Gates info_gates at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 9 01:19:17 EDT 2006

My apologies if my query is unclear. 
M.Banaouas got it right.  Let try to explain it another way:
1. We have a standard Zope application which is replicated in ZMI.
2. the difference in each Zope application is DBconnection.
3. Each DBconnection is connection to each Branch database.

In other words, if I have 10 branches, I will replicate 10 times of the
same Zope application which is not a wise thing to do. As such,
I exploring to find a way if there is "dynamically" way to
change the db connection to the intended (branch) database. 
Thus eliminating the Zope application replication.

Thank you.


> May be "dynamically database connection" means that we use the same 
> SQL Method" with different database connections (in the same Zope 
> Instance, of course). So we can change "dynamically" from one 
> to another (schema-equal).
> In other words, is it possible to define "database connection" 
> of a "Z SQL Method" like we do for parameters ?

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