[Zope-DB] Re: [Zope] OracleStorage - DCOracle2

jagarrido at emergya.info jagarrido at emergya.info
Tue Jun 27 04:56:44 EDT 2006

> On 6/26/06, jagarrido at emergya.info <jagarrido at emergya.info> wrote:
>> Hi all!!
>> I need save the zope objects in an Oracle 8.1.7 Database,who I'm trying
>> do
>> it with DCOracle2 Product.
>> My initial problem is I need save objects in Oracle Database who reside
>> in
>> other machine distinc Zope resides. Due to it, I have a compilation
>> problem because Oracle server resides in other machine(error:
>> /ora00/ora8i/u01/app/oracle/product/8.1.7/lib/libclntsh.so not readable;
> Does this file exist on the Zope machine?
> Is it readable by the user you're using to compile DCOracle2?
I'm installing a Oracle client who I thint I'll resolve this problem, like
Dieter and Cynthia says me. Later, I fix the new ORACLE_HOME variable to
find the libclntsh.so library.

Thank you for all!!!
> Regards
> Marco
> --
> Marco Bizzarri
> http://notenotturne.blogspot.com/

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