[Zope-DB] DCOracle2 on AIX5.2 -- issues

mfmorss at aep.com mfmorss at aep.com
Mon Mar 13 13:32:21 EST 2006

I have Python 2.4.2 installed on AIX 5.2.  With some trouble, I have been
able to compile and install dco2.so.  The main problem was that the header
files desired by setup.py were not found in oracle_home, but elsewhere in
my Oracle installation -- they appear to be part of Oracle 8, not Oracle 9,
at least here at AEP.  oci.h was not found in oracle_9_home/rdbms/public,
but in oracle_8_home/rdbms/demos.  nzt.h and ociextp.h were not found in
oracle_9_home/rdbms/public, but in oracle_8_home/rdbms/public.  There
exists no oracle_9_home/lib/libclntsh.so here, but instead,

At any rate, the installed "worked," insofar as dco2.so was compiled and
installed in .../site-packages. I have been able to import dco2 without
complaint from python.  I have not tried to use it yet.

However, during compilation of cdo2.o, I did encounter these symptoms:

cc_r -DNDEBUG -O -I/oracle/product/
-I/oracle/product/ -I/oracle/product/
/plsql/public -I/oracle/product/
-I/oracle/product/ -I/oracle/product/
-I/app/sandbox/s625662/installed/include/python2.4 -c src/dco2.c -o
build/temp.aix-5.2-2.4/src/dco2.o -brtl -bexpall -DORACLE8i
"src/dco2.c", line 5004.38: 1506-280 (W) Function argument assignment
between types "unsigned long*" and "long*" is not allowed.
"src/dco2.c", line 6066.25: 1506-068 (W) Operation between types "short*"
and "unsigned short*" is not allowed.
"src/dco2.c", line 6109.25: 1506-068 (W) Operation between types "short*"
and "unsigned short*" is not allowed.

If anyone could suggest a possible way to correct these problems, I would
appreciate it.  Note that the compiler is NOT gcc, but AIX's native xlc,
here called with "cc_r."  This was the same compiler that we used to build
Python itself -- without encountering any such complaints.

Also I would appreciate anyone's comment on the significance lack of
correspondence between the file structure expected by setup.py and that in
my Oracle home.

Mark F. Morss
Principal Analyst, Market Risk
American Electric Power

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