[Zope-DB] [ANN] Modified version of DCOracle2 is available

Maciej Wisniowski maciej.wisniowski at coig.katowice.pl
Tue Nov 21 14:46:51 EST 2006

>> Eek! ZpsycopgDA is GPL'd! Does that mean you've put your version of
>> DCOracle under GPL?
> I hope he did. But ZPsycopgDA is also distributed under the ZPL so there
> should be no problem unless he choosed an incompatible license.
As you might see I've asked about licensing in my first post.
So far code is at google site and I've chosen GPL 2.0 licensing for it.
There still are old licence headers in files itself.
I have no much experience with this, so thats why I asked about.
Psycopg is GPL, DCOracle2 is ZPL. ZPL seems to be less restrictive.
Am I right?

>> But that aside I am not sure it is the best implementation of
>> connection pooling out there.
> I am sure it is not. But it is one of the simpliest, at least. :)
Yup, it is simple, and because of this I was able to implement this
very quickly. It is also stable. I've used psycopg a lot, so that's
why I've chosen this. I was not looking at other implementations
so far. But any suggestions, what might be better, are welcome (also
because of licensing). Anybody who wants to contribute is welcome too,
of course.

Maciej Wisniowski

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