[Zope-DB] [ANN] Modified version of DCOracle2 is available

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Tue Nov 21 18:03:29 EST 2006

Il giorno mar, 21/11/2006 alle 23.58 +0100, Maciej Wisniowski ha
> I'll correct myself.
> > Psycopg is GPL, DCOracle2 is ZPL. 
> As Federico said everything under ZPsycopgDA
> may be GPL or ZPL. I've used pool.py and pool_base.py.
> First is from ZPsycopgDA, latter not (but
> it is used by pool.py). Seems that is only
> possible to use GPL here, right?

Yes. ZPsycopgDA can be under the ZPL because the ZPL is GPL-compatible.
But if you directly include GPL'ed code you must use GPL.

Have fun,

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