[Zope-DB] Re: dtml-let variables in sql queries

Andreas Tille tillea at rki.de
Thu Nov 23 11:03:47 EST 2006

On Thu, 23 Nov 2006, Jonathan wrote:

>> <params>name nameid
>> </params>
>> SELECT * FROM names
>> WHERE fake = 0
>> <dtml-if name>
>>   AND <dtml-sqltest name op=like type=nb>
>> </dtml-if>
>> <dtml-if nameid>
>>   AND <dtml-sqltest nameid op=eq type=int>
>> </dtml-if>
> First off, i would highly recommend using python scripts instead of DTML for 
> the kind of processing you have described.

You are right here and I would definitely prefer Python scripts.  The
problem is that I'm using the Formulator Product and despite there are
descriptions how to use it with Python scripts I failed while it was
very straigtforeward to use DTML (in fact, this is the only part of
my application in DTML).  I just stripped down the application to a
very simple example and avoided Formulator magic which is obviousely
not the source of the problem.

> That said,  you have not described the GetCases method.

I forgot to mention the name.  It is the code snipped above.

> If GetCases is the 
> name of your SQL method, then you need to pass in the parameter 'nameid'

Well, nameid is not explicitely passed but taken from the parent
out of

     <dtml-let nameid="REQUEST.form['nameid']">

and this works.  The problem is that name which is builded
out of

     <dtml-let namepart="REQUEST.form['namepart']">
          Namepart = <dtml-var namepart><br />
          <dtml-let name="namepart + '%'">

is ignored by the SQL method and I fail to see the difference.
The <dtml-if name> seems to be false in any case.

Kind regards



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