[Zope-DB] compiling dco2.c with Oracle 10g using mingw on Windows XP - interesting errror

Maan M. Hamze mmhamze at pleiades.net
Thu Dec 6 16:31:18 EST 2007

cx_oracle is very good, but I have used dcoracle2 for years and am used to
Also, dcoracle2 is still working fine into Oracle 10, specially for those
who use it to perform routine operations in Oracle (sql, procedures etc..).

There has been work to fix things in dco2.c and add things.

As for the issue I described in this post, it seems to be resolved with the
Following define in dco2 (to be used in the source before including oci.h
which in turn includes oratypes.h):

//oratpyes.h with Oracle10g client for Windows 
//uses _int64 instead of __int64
//Following resolves issue when using MinGW32 which uses 
// __int64 as a long long typedef.
//User may want to change the compiler define depending on how compiler
//handles this issue.  This works with MinGW32.  Your mileage may vary.

#ifdef ORACLE10g
 #if (defined(WIN32) && defined(__GNUC__))
   #ifndef _int64
     #define _int64 long long
#include <oci.h>


>>You might consider using cx_oracle as an alternative to DCO2. cx_oracle 
>>could be integrated with Zope as an DA using SQLAlchemyDA (although 
>>untested). DCO2 is pretty old and seems to be unmaintained.


--On 5. Dezember 2007 18:32:14 -0600 "Maan M. Hamze" <mmhamze at pleiades.net> 

> I compiled dco2.c on Solaris 9 with Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g with no
> problems.
> On Windows XP, compiling dco2.c with Oracle9i is fine.
> With Oracle 10g on Windows XP (using Mingw C compiler), I ran into
> following errors:
> In file included from C:/oracle/ora10/oci/include/oci.h:394,
>                  from dco2.c:109:
> C:/oracle/ora10/oci/include/oratypes.h:97: error: syntax error before
> "oraub8"
> C:/oracle/ora10/oci/include/oratypes.h:97: warning: data definition has no
> type
> or storage class
> C:/oracle/ora10/oci/include/oratypes.h:98: error: syntax error before
> "orasb8"
> C:/oracle/ora10/oci/include/oratypes.h:98: warning: data definition has no
> type
> or storage class
> C:/oracle/ora10/oci/include/oratypes.h:99: error: syntax error before
> "ub8" C:/oracle/ora10/oci/include/oratypes.h:99: warning: data definition
> has no type
> or storage class
> C:/oracle/ora10/oci/include/oratypes.h:100: error: syntax error before
> "sb8" C:/oracle/ora10/oci/include/oratypes.h:100: warning: data
> definition has no type
>  or storage class
> Culprit is this, in oratypes.h:
># define ORAXB8_DEFINED
># ifndef lint
>  typedef unsigned _int64 oraub8;
>  typedef signed _int64 orasb8;
>  typedef oraub8 ub8;
>  typedef orasb8 sb8;
># else
># define ub8 oraub8
># define sb8 orasb8
># define oraub8 unsigned _int64
># define orasb8 signed _int64
># endif /* !lint */
> ---------------------------
> _int64 ????????????????????
> Changing this to __int64 solved the problem, and dco2.c compiled fine.
> _int64 caused the problem in oratypes.h of Oracle10g.
> Can this be fixed via some define in dco2.c so that I do not have to
> change oratypes.h (_int64 to __int64)?
> Thanks,
> Maan
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