[Zope-DB] Please help me about driver adapter

Nguyen Viet Minh Quang nvmquang at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 00:42:52 EST 2007

Dear Dieter and All,

Thank you for your mail.

I have now a trial version of mxODBC. However I don't really like it because
it's not free. I would like to use pymssql and another one, although I try
to install it more times but it's not working. Can you help me to install

Moreover,  I'm testing my product with mxODBC. I have a problem about query.
I want to use keyword 'LIKE' and '%' inside SQL query but I don't know how
to do it. In the current, I use dtml-sqlvar and dtml-sqltest to do it. Do
you know about my problem and can help me to solve it?

Further, How can I format the text to get from database, about HTML tag?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,
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