[Zope-DB] Please help me about driver adapter

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Fri Feb 16 13:53:15 EST 2007

Nguyen Viet Minh Quang wrote at 2007-2-16 12:42 +0700:
> ...
>I would like to use pymssql and another one, although I try
>to install it more times but it's not working. Can you help me to install

No. I do not have an MS SQL server (I do not like MicroSoft and
do not want to pay them any money).

All, I can tell you is: look for the installation instructions.
Follow them carefully.

And an additional note: usually, you need two pieces to let Zope interface
with a database: a Python-database interface module and a Zope database
adapter. The Zope database adapter is usually a Zope product (Zope's
extension mechanism) and needs to be place in "<instance_home>/Products".

>Further, How can I format the text to get from database, about HTML tag?

You use a template (PageTemplate, maybe DTMLMethod) to render
the result of you Z SQL method.

I would expect that you find examples in the Zope Book
(2.7 edition, online on "plope.org").


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