[Zope-DB] [Zope] ZSQL Methods and transaction control

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Wed Jan 10 07:16:19 EST 2007

Charlie Clark wrote:
> Am 10.01.2007, 13:00 Uhr, schrieb robert rottermann <robert at redcor.ch>:
>> I understand that there is a way to handle transaction control in the
>> ZMySQL methods. However I find no documentation at all on how to use it.
> This is incorrect. ZSQL methods are called within Zope transactions so
> you need to look at the transaction manager.
> Charlie
thanks charlie,

so that means, that the _commit and _abort methods are only for zope's
transaction controll.

do you have a suggestion how then to start/commit a transaction from
within a ZSQL method (or ZMySQLdb)

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