[Zope-DB] Process one PloneFormGen request into many SQL tables

Paul Eipper lkraider at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 11:41:04 EST 2007

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From: Paul Eipper <lkraider at gmail.com>
Date: 19/01/2007 13:52
Subject: Re: [Zope-DB] Process one PloneFormGen request into many SQL tables
To: d.schulz81 at gmx.net

Hi Dennis,

I was referred to the alchemist product by the PloneFormGen dev, but
unfortunatelly I found the documentation for it extremely lacking (as
in nonexistant :P)

Since I am only learning all this, I can't take a product where there
aren't at least intro docs for it and try to figure it all out by
myself :(

The only thing i could find is a video presentation that I will be
taking a look at this weekend. Maybe it will serve as a good intro
doc. For now I am trying to make it work using Python scripts + ZSQL
methods manually.

Would alchemist really simplify the coding? (/me has no idea)

Thanks for the reply!

Paul Eipper

2007/1/19, Dennis Schulz <d.schulz81 at gmx.net>:
> Hi,
> if you want to do things like this, you also could use the alchmist product.
> However, I think the archetype / plone formgen integration at the moment
> is not functional. (ask kapil t. and roché c. for closer info)
> You would have to start out with plain zope 3 schema and formlib like in
> the alchemist included orgpeople example.
> I developed a neat little application that uses the unit of work and
> automatic transaction support of sql alchemy and all dependent tables
> are deleted, updated and inserted automatically by the mapper
> (www.*sqlalchemy*.org/)
> Dennis

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