[Zope-DB] modifications on a query

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Fri Jan 26 02:48:31 EST 2007

--On 26. Januar 2007 07:37:25 +0000 Graziella Toutoungis 
<graztoutoungis at yahoo.fr> wrote:

> Hello,
> I use zope2.9.4 with postgresql8.1, in my database i have some tables are
> the result  of a query on other tables.  exe: table1 is the result of
> table2 with table3
> My
> user can connect to the database and he can modify the  table1, this
> modification should done on the orginals tables table2 and table3
>  my
> problem is how  i can  specify the origin of the column in table for
> verifing that table2 and table3 may this modifications?

Please rephrase your question and point out the Zope specific part of the

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