[Zope-DB] Migration from Windows to Linux. How to do it?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Fri Jul 6 13:26:08 EDT 2007

Mongolkhuu Baatar wrote at 2007-7-5 18:26 -0700:
>I am newbie and sorry for if I ask too simple question. 
> I have designed my Plone site on my localhost (Windows server) machine. Then I need to move my real Zope and Plone server running on the Linux machine. How do I to do this?
> My both Windows and Linux config is following:
> Plone port: 80
> Zope port: 8080
> originally works fine on the each OSs before the migration.
> I have tried and copied only Data.fs file from Windows to Linux machines related "/var/opt/zope/default/var/" folder. 
> Then I have problem with my Plone server running instead Zope of port number 8080. 

On Linux (and other *nix systems), only processes running as "root" can 
bind to ports <= 1024 (these are the so called priviledged ports).

Almost surely, the "Plone" setup for Linux therefore uses port 8080
rather than 80.

*If* you have root rights on your Linux box, then you can
run Zope as root on port 80. You need to change the HTTP port
in Zope's configuration file for this. Furthermore, you need
to set the user Zope should run with after binding to the
port (this is necessary because Zope refuses to run continuously as root --
for security reasons).


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