[Zope-DB] ANN: eGenix mxODBC Distribution 3.0.0 (mxODBC Database Interface)

eGenix Team: M.-A. Lemburg info at egenix.com
Thu May 10 11:35:29 EDT 2007



               eGenix.com mxODBC Database Interface

                          Version 3.0.0

       Our commercially supported Python extension providing
        ODBC database connectivity to Python applications
                 on Windows and Unix platforms

This announcement is also available on our web-site for online reading:



The mxODBC Database Interface allows users to easily connect
Python applications to just about any database on the market
today - on both Windows and Unix platforms in a highly portable
and convenient way.  This makes mxODBC the ideal basis for writing
cross-platform database programs and utilities in Python.

mxODBC is included in the eGenix.com mxODBC Distribution
for Python, a commercial part of the eGenix.com mx Extension Series,
a collection of professional quality software tools which enhance
Python's usability in many important areas such as ODBC database
connectivity, fast text processing, date/time processing and
web site programming.

The package has proven its stability and usefulness in many mission
critical applications and various commercial settings all around
the world.

* About Python:
Python is an object-oriented Open Source programming language which
runs on all modern platforms (http://www.python.org/). By integrating
ease-of-use, clarity in coding, enterprise application connectivity
and rapid application design, Python establishes an ideal programming
platform for todays IT challenges.

* About eGenix:
eGenix is a consulting and software product company focused on
providing professional quality services and products to Python
users and developers (http://www.egenix.com/).



mxODBC 3.0 has received a large number of enhancements and supports
more ODBC drivers than ever.

Some highlights:

    * mxODBC has been ported to Python 2.5.

    * We've worked a lot on the Unicode support and made it more
      robust, especially on Unix platforms where the ODBC Unicode
      support has stabilized over the last few years. You can now issue
      commands using Unicode and exchange Unicode data with the database
      in various configurable ways.

    * We've also added a methods to give you more control of the
      connections and cursors as well as the .callproc() method for
      calling stored procedures that mxODBC 2.0 was missing.

    * Multiple result sets via the .nextset() are also supported, so
      working with stored procedures should be a lot easier now.

    * Another highlight is the added support for Python's datetime
      module types and the option to use strings for date/time
      processing (e.g. to be able to use timezones in timestamps if
      that's supported by the database).

    * Python's decimal module is now supported as well and it's possible
      to configure mxODBC to return Decimal types for numeric values.

    * mxODBC 3.0 received full 64-bit support, so that you can run
      mxODBC (and all other mx Extensions) on e.g. AMD64 platforms.

    * We've switched from the old distutils wininst installer to the
      new MSI installer for the Windows Python 2.5 build. This gives
      you a lot more options for automatic installs, including
      unattended installs.
      See http://www.python.org/download/releases/2.5/msi/ for details.

Note that in order to avoid confusion, we've decided to rename the
eGenix.com mx Commercial Distribution to eGenix.com mxODBC Distribution
with this release. The commercial distribution has always only contained
the mxODBC package, so this was an obvious step to clarify things for
our users.

As always we are providing pre-compiled versions of the package for
Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Solaris as well as sources
which allow you to install the package on all other supported



The download archives and instructions for installing the package can
be found at:


In order to use the eGenix mx Commercial package you will first
need to install the eGenix mx Base package which can be downloaded
from here:




Please note that mxODBC 2.0 does not support Python 2.5 on 64-bit
platforms due to the Py_ssize_t changes in the Python C API.

You are encouraged to upgrade to the new mxODBC 3.0 release, if you plan
to deploy on 64-bit platforms and use Python 2.5 as basis for your



This release brings you all the new features and enhancements in mxODBC
that were previously only available in through our mxODBC Zope Database

Like the Zope product, mxODBC now requires that you install a license
in order to use it.

You can request 30-day evaluation licenses by writing to
sales at egenix.com, stating your name (or the name of the company) and the
number of eval licenses that you need. We will then issue you licenses
and send them to you by email.

Please make sure that you can receive ZIP file attachments on the email
you specify in the request, since the license files are send out as
ZIP attachements.



Commercial support for these packages is available from eGenix.com.
Please see


for details about our support offerings.

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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