[Zope-DB] FileMaker with Zope

David Daniel Estévez Durey ahumboldt at humboldt.e.telefonica.net
Wed May 23 05:50:40 EDT 2007

>> Hello,
>> I'm trying to connect FileMaker with Zope through ODBC, but I'm not 
>> sure
>> if I could do this for free, without buying any driver or software. 
>> Can
>> anyone explain to me how to do it or if it isn't possible?
> You ask that already two weeks ago and got several advices...did you 
> take
> them into account? If yes and if they don't fulfill your requirements, 
> spend 95 Euro for mxODBC from Egenix and be a happy man. 95 Euro don't 
> justify a week-long research with zero results.
> -aj

Hello Andreas! First of all, thank you very much for answering.
Yes! of course I took all advices into account, and then someone told 
me that I could make an ODBC connection.

At the begining, I thought that that choice would be free, but I think 
now that I was in a mistake. I think now that I have to pay for the 
FileMaker ODBC driver, and possibly for the Zope DA, and in my case 
that is impossible, I have to get it without any cost.

The choice I am implementing now is exporting FileMaker to a plain text 
file, and then using MySQLdb.py to import the data into mySQL. Finally, 
I have my Zope connected with MySQL and I can access my data for free.

Anyway, it would be better to get the FileMaker/Zope connection for 
free... but I'm realizing that is no possible.

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