[Zope-DB] [SOLVED]: ZSQL meyhod fr an Oracle Stored Procedure that Returns a ref_cur

Willi Langenberger wlang at wu-wien.ac.at
Mon Nov 19 07:22:39 EST 2007

According to banaouas:
> > If you are writing to a transactional database, you should add
> > 
> >   conn._register()
> > 
> > to register that connection for the zope transaction
> > machinery. That way the Zope Publisher calls "commit" at the end of a
> > successful request (or "abort" on error).
> Initially, I needed to access to this oracle database only for read
> operations.
> But even for read only access, it might be a good practice to add this
> commit, cause sometime database engins hold some kind of lock on the read
> data, depending on how transaction was started.

It might be a good practice, because you never know, if your
application will eventually also be writing to the DB. I don't know if
it has an effect on read only operations.

> I imagine that zsql class do implicitely this commit ?

Strictly speaking its no "commit", its a "registration for
commit/abort". And yes, for ZSQL methods this is done implicitly (via
the "query" method of the DB class).


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