[Zope-DB] how to access database declared in configure.zcml

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Fri Oct 31 02:12:45 EDT 2008

Hi there,

I am using collective tin.
the new version users z3c.saconfig.

to use it I have to declare the database in the configure.zcl like this:
<db:engine name="declarations.database"
	url="mysql://root@localhost/energie" echo="True" />
<db:session name="energiecluster.eccontent.platforms" 	
	engine="declarations.database" />

I need this database at some place in my code.
How can I access it.

What I am looking for is some kind of getUtilitty(db)

second question:
where would I find what is defined in:

http://namespaces.zope.org is not a valid link..

thanks for any pointers

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