[Zope-DB] ZSQL Question - Insert multiple rows in one statement?

Mark Phillips mark at phillipsmarketing.biz
Tue Aug 24 11:03:21 EDT 2010

When I retrieve multiple values from a selection box, I need to create a
loop somewhere to insert the multiple values (rows) into a table. Is there a
way to do this within a ZSQL statement, or is it best to do the looping in a
Python script?

My specific example....

table 1 (Players) has information about players (i.e. team members for a
sports team). There is a primary key - playerID
table 2 (Seasons) has information about each season - primary key is
table 3 (PlayerSeasons) has two columns - playerID and seasonID.

The form to crud a player has a combobox where one can select multiple
seasons for a player. When I do an add or update, I have to add one or more
rows to the PlayerSeasons table. Does this loop have to be in a Python
script, or can it be implemented in ZSQL? I looked at the 'multiple'
keyword, but all the examples indicate that it apples to sql tests, such as
testing against a set of values. I can't seem to find any examples where one
is inserting multiple rows into a table.


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