[Zope-DB] Question Concerning Z SQL Method and Class Bindings

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Wed May 26 00:25:54 EDT 2010

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Mark Phillips wrote:
> Peter,
> I don't think I phrased my question very well. Also, I am coming from a
> Java background, so I am thinking about result sets, which may not be
> applicable to Python.
> If I have a Z SQL Method query that returns multiple rows to a brains
> class, how do I
> (1) reference the returned object that has all the rows
> (2) reference a particular row in the returned object
> (3) reference a particular piece of data in the returned object.
> What is the returned object - list, dictionary, some special object with
> associated APIs?
> Where is this documented? I can't seem to find it in the Zope 2 book.

If you want object-oriented approach in your Zope app: use an ORM like
SQLAlchemy or Storm. Sqlalchemy + zope.sqlalchemy (or z3c.sqlalchemy)
are widely used for SQL connectivity inside Zope/Plone/Python apps.

- -aj
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