[Zope-dev] where is z2.py functionality in 2.7 world of zdrun.py?

Royce mroyce at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 11:30:23 EST 2004

Got my zpublisher app working tied into z2.py under zope 2.5, and now
looking at a move to FreeBSD and Zope 2.7. I had modified z2.py to
hook in my external app as described in Amos' page

Problem is I don't know where to hook my zpublisher app into the 2.7
world. The snippet from z2.py (in my 2.5 setup) is:

            # Handler for a published module. zhttp_handler takes 3 arguments:
            # The name of the module to publish, and optionally the URI base
            # which is basically the SCRIPT_NAME, and optionally a dictionary
            # with CGI environment variables which override default
            # settings. The URI base setting is useful when you want to
            # publish more than one module with the same HTTP server. The CGI
            # environment setting is useful when you want to proxy requests
            # from another web server to ZServer, and would like the CGI
            # environment to reflect the CGI environment of the other web
            # server.
            zh = zhttp_handler(MODULE, 'z', HTTP_ENV)

            # royce 8/22/04
            sys.path.insert(0,'/app')              # add MyModule to
the Python path
            # create a handler
            my_handler = zhttp_handler('webapp/sessionMgr',
'bin/sessionMgr', HTTP_ENV)
            hs.install_handler(my_handler)              # install it
in the http server

Can anyone point me to where in the 2.7 world I can do this
equivalent? I searched the installation tree but wasn't able to find
content using zhttp_handler() in the same way.


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