[Zope-dev] Re: exception hiding in _delObject

Tres Seaver tseaver at zope.com
Tue Nov 9 13:28:26 EST 2004

Florent Guillaume wrote:
> In _delObject and manage_beforeDelete there's a try/except that catches 
> nearly everything (except BeforeDeleteException and the infamous 
> ConflictError). It then proceeds to log a message, but continues:
>     try:
>         object.manage_beforeDelete(object, self)
>     except BeforeDeleteException, ob:
>         raise
>     except ConflictError: # Added for CPS
>         raise
>     except:
>         LOG('Zope',ERROR,'manage_beforeDelete() threw',
>             error=sys.exc_info())
>         pass
> The rationale is, I guess, that when you delete an object you really 
> want it gone.

Yep;  especially as the broken object may be screwing up something 
*important* to the site.

> This is IMO very harmful because it hides any bug in the catalog or the 
> indexes (especially during unit tests where LOG is ignored). I've been 
> (again) bitten by it.
> I'd like to condition the pass to the fact that the current user is 
> Manager. Otherwise I'd like it to fail (and reraise). So a Manager will 
> still be able to delete objects when there's a bug, but not others.
> Comments ?

-1.  Buggy application code blocking deletes makes for nightmare "throw 
away your Data.fs" error scenarios.  I am +0 on it if you can arrange 
for the new behavior to happen only when Zope is running in debug mode.

+1 for the ConflictError exception.

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