[Zope-dev] Re: Zope and Python 2.4

Andreas Jung lists at andreas-jung.com
Wed Nov 10 12:50:13 EST 2004

--On Donnerstag, 11. November 2004 4:30 Uhr +1100 Alan Milligan 
<alan at balclutha.org> wrote:

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> The reason I asked this question is because clients I talk to in the
> enterprise space are almost all exclusively RH9/RHEL clients, and many
> have major reservations about installing anything non-RH 'approved' as
> they feel they have some security assurances using this, and certainly
> RH are reasonable sincere with their efforts here.
> If ZC say Zope is approved and test with version X of Python, then this
> too has some weight in their minds.

The approved versions are known: Python 2.3.3/2.3.4 for Zope 2.7. Other
customer might be running Debian, others Mandrake or whatever.
You can not satisfy everyone. Btw. FC4 is not at the horizon. We are 
having FC3 which ships with Python 2.3.something. And as Jens stated: a
serious Zope installation should run with a self-compiled Python.

> However, having to fork off the main Fedora branch in regard to Python
> dependencies (which directly affect Anaconda, up2date, GTK, and most of
> the desktop applets) has major implications for how we maintain our
> distro.

That's nonsense. You can install your own Python version in a dedicated 
without getting into conflicts with the a pre-installed Python version. 
Just a question
of a clean system setup (configure --prefix=... is your friend).

> So, I ask again, what is the official view on Python 2.4, and if there's
> a roadmap as to when it will become blessed.

There is a good chance to support Python 2.4 officially with in Zope 2.8.
Of course you can run it at your own risk. I think there is nothing to be 
at this time. Ask back if there is an official Python 2.4 version out.


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