[Zope-dev] Need a book recommendation(s) for newer patterns and component based design

Ira irakaplan at optonline.net
Fri Nov 12 22:23:26 EST 2004

Hi.  I am new to Python, Zope, and OOP.  Can you please recommend a good
book(s) on patterns, component architecture, and component-based design
as referred to in the excerpt from the Zope X3.0 press release below?  I
am reading 'Design Patterns' by Gamma, et al, but it does not include
interface patterns or perhaps other, newer patterns.
>From the Zope 3.0 Press Release:
'Richter said the rewrite was important as Zope 2 was built primarily
using object-oriented techniques such as inheritance, while Zope X3 has
taken advantage of newer patterns such as interfaces and component-based
"The main goal was to clean up the architecture," said Richter. "In Zope
2 we only used the inheritance of objects to extend and build Zope, this
only takes it so far because objects become unmanageable. Zope X3 has a
new component architecture that allows you to extend objects and use
interfaces." '
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