[Zope-dev] connecting server code to the ZODB

Tim Hicks tim at sitefusion.co.uk
Sun Nov 14 14:45:10 EST 2004

Replying to myself in case anyone is interested in the answer to my

Tim Hicks said:

> Nope, I don't have a reference to a persistent object.  I'm looking at the
> code in smtpserver.SMTPServer and trying to figure out what I need to
> adjust.  As far as I can tell, the only point in that code at which a
> 'link' to zope/zodb objects is made is in the following call in
> SMTPChannel.process_message:
> handle(self.server.module, request, response)
> My immediate problem is that I don't understand how the result of this
> call gets dealt with.  It just seems to get discarded in the smtpserver
> code.  If this is the way to interact with the publisher, how do I get
> hold of the return value?
> I'm assuming that by adjusting the REQUEST['PATH_INFO'] value before
> calling handle(), I can affect which ZODB object/method gets called, but I
> want to know the result of this call.

The REQUEST['PATH_INFO'] part is correct: that is how you determine which
method gets traversed to and called.  I discovered that you get hold of
the return value from this method by passing a callback method into the
response constructor.  This gives you access to whatever arguments you
arrange to have the callback called with *plus* the response object, which
you can use to have a look at status codes etc.



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