[Zope-dev] Re: [Zope] Re: Give 'Extensions' a configurable directory in zope.conf

Florent Guillaume fg at nuxeo.com
Fri Nov 19 06:20:16 EST 2004

>    * /lib/python/Products/ExternalMethod/ExternalMethod.py
>      - little typos (not related, but since I was there <wink>)

It's a good practice to fix typos and such in a separate patch/checkin,
so that those reading the diffs or patches can concentrate on what's
really done.

>    * /lib/python/App/Extensions.py
>      - in getPath() check if directive 'extensions' is overriden in zope.conf,
>        and use it instead. 
>  The relevant code added to getPath() is depicted below.
> <code>
>     if (prefix=="Extensions") and (cfg.extensions is not None):
>         r=_getPath(cfg.extensions, '', name, suffixes)
>         if r is not None: return r
> </code>

It's also nice to use modern python coding style (even when copy/pasting

     if prefix == "Extensions" and cfg.extensions is not None:
         r = _getPath(cfg.extensions, '', name, suffixes)
         if r is not None:
             return r

>  However, I did not understood the purpose of the construction
>  "if r is not None: return r".
>  That was the last statement in getPath(). If r==None then getPath()
>  wouldn't return None all the same ?

It's in a loop. The first working path is returned.

>  I believe this is the last bit of doubt before submitting the patch.
>  BTW, maybe I should have posted this to Zope-Dev instead ?

Yep :) I Cc zope-dev, and followup there.

But now that you put it in the collector it's ok. Thanks for the patch.


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