[Zope-dev] Zope on 64-bit Linux

John Snowdon J.P.Snowdon at newcastle.ac.uk
Mon Nov 22 06:06:57 EST 2004

Hi Larry, 

We are using Zope/ZEO 2.7.x on a small cluster of AMD Opteron machines
to host an online learning environment for our medical students (around
1100 in all), providing on-the-fly timetables, study and lecture notes,
module booking, downloadable resources, discussion forums, etc..

Machines are Sun V20z dual 248 Opterons, each with 4Gb of RAM, dual
gigabit ethernet and 10krpm scsi disks. This is all hosted on a private
gigabit network, with a local LDAP authentication server. Access to the
sites is via a load-balancing gateway running 'Pound'.

The Opteron nodes (3 of the above spec, at the moment) are running SuSE
9.1/Pro/X86_64, with the SuSE provided python64 binaries and libs. All
the extensions and py modules we use are compiled against /lib64. The
Opteron nodes host the sites, using Zope 2.7.2, connecting to a bigger,
but slower Sun fileserver, which serves the data fs via ZEO. 

Performance is blistering; but we could easily improve it with squid.
We've benchmarked the Opterons against dual Xeon systems (2.8, 3.0) and
they are *way* faster.

If you want any more details, just let me know...

>Anyone out there successfully deploying and running Zope/CMF on 64-bit
>Linux?  I'm looking at deploying AMD Opteron server for hosting large
>Zope site and wanted to take advantage of the speed and addressing
>capabilities if I could.  Specifically I'd like to use RedHat Fedora
>Core 3 to run ZODB server and ZEO Clients.  Any information would be
>greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance,
>Larry Bates

 John Snowdon - IT Support Specialist
 School of Medical Education Development 
 Faculty of Medical Sciences Computing
 University of Newcastle

 Phone : 0191 246 4549
 Email : j.p.snowdon at ncl.ac.uk

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