[Zope-dev] Removing XML export from Zope 2.8

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Fri Nov 26 10:04:58 EST 2004

Andreas Jung wrote:
> Any objects to kick the XML export from Zope 2.8 entirely? This feature 
> is broken since ages

Dang. I didn't realize that,

> and no one cares about it or is able/willing to fix it.

I'm able, but I don't think it's a high-enough priority to me.

 > It does not seem
> in use by anyone and it
> appears to me as a very useless feature.

I think it's useful as a way to see what's actually in objects, but
the use is certianly esoteric.

I'd like to replace this some day with the Zope 3 fssync mechanism,
which I hope to finish someday. Sigh.

 > Any comments?

+1 if you are sure it doesn't work now, and thus, if the change
would not cause a backward incompatibility.


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