[Zope-dev] Removing XML export from Zope 2.8

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Fri Nov 26 13:37:35 EST 2004

Andreas Jung wrote at 2004-11-26 15:08 +0100:
>Any objects to kick the XML export from Zope 2.8 entirely? This feature is 
>broken since ages
>and no one cares about it or is able/willing to fix it.

I have seen a fix posted recently:

   It has been a trivial problem: the "extend" method was not implemented
   (probably forgotten).

   The fix was to implement it along the same line as "append" was

The XML export may be interesting for version control.
The "ZCVSFolder" uses it his way. Obviously, a readable
format is easier for manual merging than a binary one.

Formerly, I have been actively interested in version control
for objects in the ZODB. I improved therefore a bit
on the XML format (I removed unnecessary id generation
and used context names if possible rather than generated ids),
but could not find a good solution for non "Folder"
ObjectManagers. APE techniques could help with this.

Meanwhile, I/we no longer have a pressing need for
version control of objects in the ZODB.

But some solutions would be easier if such version control
(with automatic merging) were available even for
ZODB objects.


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