[Zope-dev] including docutils in Zope -- two issues: IP and location

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Mon Nov 29 17:34:28 EST 2004

I can understand the desire to include docutils in Zope.
We made this decision for Zope 3 a while ago.  Such a decision
needs to be made *very* carefully for intellectual property

Contributors other than Zope Corporation employees can only check
in *their* code.  This is important to reduce the risk of an
IP problem.  This means, unfortunatelky, that third-party code
puts a burden on Zope Corporation, and thus, the community, since
we become a bottle neck.  Whatever we do with distutils, we have to
make sure that Zope Corporation is involved and that ZC employees
check in any code changes. (I assume that Andreas was a ZC employee
when this code was originally checked in.)

WRT location, I'd like to keep things as simple as possible.
Top-level packages in the Zope 2 tree should be in lib/python.
This is what was done for Zope 3 and it has worked well.

Andreas, I'd be happy to sort this out with you off line
if you like.  Perhaps we can do with Zope 2 what we
did for Zope 3, and, for Zope 2.8, perhaps we can even
share the same tree.


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