[Zope-dev] Re: CatalogBrains.getObject and unrestricted code

Casey Duncan casey.duncan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 17:50:00 EST 2004

In article <41AB5920.70405 at nuxeo.com>, Florent Guillaume <fg at nuxeo.com> 

> In ZCatalog's brains, getObject currently does a restrictedTraverse to 
> get the object. That's a problem for unrestricted code that needs to get 
> to the object nevertheless, even if the user cannot get to it.
> For instance CMF is impacted, when it tries to reindex the security of 
> all subobjects of a given object.
> Unless someone is opposed to it, I'll add a _getObject method that does 
> an unrestrictedTraverse, and make CMF use it if available.
> Florent

getObject must be restricted since it can be called by untrusted code. 
It has been argued that it is currently too restrictive, and it should 
only validate the leaf object, but nothing has been done about this 

You can work around this issue by using::


A (restricted) convenience method to do this could be added, but it 
doesn't really seem worth the effort IMO.


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