[Zope-dev] using VirtualHostMonster in a ZPublisher python module?

Royce mroyce at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 13:27:46 EDT 2004

Hi all,

Can I somehow get a VirtualHostMonster inserted into a
ZPublisher-based python module published through changes to z2.py? Am
having problems with "<base href…>" with apache proxying for this
python module. Have scoured past discussions but haven't found an
answer to this.

I have two areas declared to zhttp_handler():

1. /z  -- standard managed zope area
2. /app -- my python module which is a ZPublisher-based app that
doesn't have /manage or the other "managed zope" stuff

For #2 I modified z2.py per Amos' write up: "How to Publish Your Own
Python Modules" (http://www.zope.org/Members/Amos/ZPublisher)  ...
(thanks, Amos!). But I can't get the "base href" set properly for

Changes to z2.py shown below. I really appreciate any light people can
shed on this. Am willing to pay for help on this.


p.s. alternately I could import the python module as an ExternalMethod
but have had serious import problems when doing so.

In z2.py I have:

zh = zhttp_handler(MODULE, 'z', HTTP_ENV)

# royce 8/22/04
sys.path.insert(0,'/app')              # add MyModule to the Python path
# create a handler
my_handler = zhttp_handler('webapp/sessionMgr', 'ex/sessionMgr', HTTP_ENV)
hs.install_handler(my_handler)              # install it in the http server

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