[Zope-dev] Multi-part export files

Johan Carlsson johanc at easypublisher.com
Wed Sep 22 06:53:44 EDT 2004

Hi Y'all,
I have currently implemented a object repository which
uses dynamic Acquisition wrapping to create an illusion
of a object hierarchy.

This means that sub object isn't contained in there parents
rather in the repository and this effectively breaks export/import
behavior and other behavior that rely in it such as CopySupport.

After doing some testing I've noticed that I can "stack"
export files in the same file by just keeping the file
open between the calls to exportFile (and the same for importFile).
In this way I could stack a number of export files in one file
(this could be used to export a set of object in a Folder in one
file so it might be useful for Zope Core as well).

Now the problem is that the import has no way to know where
to create the object, in my case I can let the repository
handle this using meta data in the objects. The repository
has a fixed structure, but in regular OFS the structure might
vary from system to system. It could be used to import all
object to the current folder, if name collision are taken care of.

Any thought on this?
Anybody done something remotely similar?

Could this be a useful feature in Zope core someway?

Best Regards,
Johan Carlsson

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