[Zope-dev] ZPT Optimization Opportunity

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Mon Sep 27 13:14:49 EDT 2004

Tres Seaver wrote at 2004-9-27 11:25 -0400:
> ...
>   - Returning the iterator to medusa means that the application
>     thread becomes available to service other threads that much more
>     quickly.  Even if the malloc issues can't be demonstrated, the
>     increase in concurrency *should* be a win here.

Unless you generate huge results (which you probably should not do
in the first place as the browser, too, will need even more memory)
allocation and copying will be so fast that you should not see
a significant effect.

On my computer allocating and copying a string costed

   10 MB		  0.048 s
  100 MB		  0.487 s

measured with the following function:

>>> from time import time
>>> def copy(n):
...   s = 'a'*n
...   st = time(); sx = s[:-1]; return time()-st

You do not need this optimization for PageTemplates
-- only for large files.


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