[Zope-dev] Zope and PythonCAD being good neighbors

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Tue Sep 28 12:21:37 EDT 2004


I'm Art Haas, the developer of PythonCAD. About one month ago I'd
received a number of e-mails describing a problem between Zope and
PythonCAD due to both programs using the word 'Interface' as part
of their paths to their code. When using Zope people would get odd
errors as the PythonCAD 'Interface' directory was searched instead of

When PythonCAD is installed, a 'PythonCAD.pth' file gets added into
Python's 'site-packages' directory, modifying the sys.path variable
as seen below (and reformatted for e-mail) ...

$ python
>>> import sys
>>> sys.path
['', '/usr/lib/python23.zip',

In the 'PythonCAD' directory there are two subdirectories - 'Interface'
and 'Generic'.

I'm preparing to make the next release of PythonCAD - the first one with
initial printing support! - and I want to fix the program so that Zope
and PythonCAD play well together. As I see it, one fix is to not install
the 'PythonCAD.pth' file during PythonCAD's installation and adjust
the various 'import' statements in the code. Another fix is to continue
to have 'PythonCAD.pth' add the 'PythonCAD' directory to sys.path and
add a directory below the 'PythonCAD' directory, then move 'Interface'
and 'Generic' into that new directory. This choice also requires
adjusting the various 'import' statements in the code, as well as some
work in moving the files in Subversion.

I'd like to get some suggestions for the Zope developers as for what
they suggest to do. As both the Numeric and PyGTK packages adjust
the sys.path variable, I'd like to keep 'PythonCAD' in there as well,
though this choice probably means more work. As there is lots of Python
expertise on this list, a few bits of wisdom from those in similar
situations in the past would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

Art Haas

P.S. I do not receive mail from the list, so please CC me in replies.
I'll also check the list archives for postings.

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