[Zope-dev] OSX: zopectl test results in "Interrupted system call"

Stefan H. Holek stefan at epy.co.at
Sat Aug 20 14:22:39 EDT 2005

Since r37701 "zopectl test" forks off a child process [1]. On OSX I  
now reliably get a traceback tacked onto the end of every test report:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/Zope8/lib/python/Zope2/Startup/zopectl.py", line 312, in ?
   File "/Zope8/lib/python/Zope2/Startup/zopectl.py", line 281, in main
     c.onecmd(" ".join(options.args))
   File "/usr/local/python2.3/lib/python2.3/cmd.py", line 210, in onecmd
     return func(arg)
   File "/Zope8/lib/python/Zope2/Startup/zopectl.py", line 266, in  
     os.waitpid(pid, 0)
OSError: [Errno 4] Interrupted system call

Tested on two OSX machines. Appears to work fine on Linux. Anybody  
else seeing this? Ideas?


[1] <http://svn.zope.org/Zope/branches/Zope-2_8-branch/lib/python/ 

Anything that happens, happens.  --Douglas Adams

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