[Zope-dev] Build process for Zope 2.9

Fred Drake fdrake at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 16:06:17 EDT 2005

Hey all,

I'm working on a revised build process for Zope 2.9, based on the work
that we've done for Zope 3.  What this means is that we'll have a
setup.py that uses the code from zpkg
(http://www.zope.org/Members/fdrake/zpkgtools/) to load metadata from
the various packages are part of the checkout, and use distutils to
perform the build.

One thing that will need to change is the makefile that gets generated
by the configure script.  The current makefile has an enormous number
of options that don't really seem to make sense, and many targets. 
I'd like to remove any that aren't being actively used, but it's hard
to tell which those are.  Would anyone object if we switch to
something a lot closer to the Zope 3 makefile?  There's basically
in-place builds and tests, and that's it.  Everything else is handled
outside the makefile.

Comments or objections?


Fred L. Drake, Jr.    <fdrake at gmail.com>
Zope Corporation

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