[Zope-dev] 3rd party product migrations

Alan Milligan alan at balclutha.org
Fri Aug 26 07:37:47 EDT 2005

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We're now migrating our product stack to Zope2.8/Plone2.1 and have been
considering how best to proceed with this.

We have one overriding objective in that we're very interested in
reducing the window between core releases and third party developers
making new releases both now and into the future.

To this end, we've set up a development channel, synonymous with Rawhide
for those familiar with Redhat/Fedora release management practices.
Using yum or up2date, you can access this channel at
https://linux.last-bastion.net/RPC2/up2date/development to transparently
upgrade to the latest core.  We will be producing regular releases of
things Zope and Plone into the future here.

At this stage, you do need to create an account on the portal as you
need to be Authenticated to download.

The Zope2.8/Plone2.1 packages happily sit alongside older installations.

If you're an author of anything on
https://linux.last-bastion.net/RPC2/up2date/plope, we're particularly
keen upon getting you involved.

If you've a Plope product you'd like to get put on this channel, then
please do feel free to contact us.  We're hoping to grow the list of
successfully migrated packages as quickly as possible.

We of course realise that the Zope and Plone landscape is diverse, both
in terms of finding source code, and operating system environments, but
if you're even remotely interested in packaging, or have something to
say, please feel free to subscribe to
maintainers-subscribe at linux.last-bastion.net.

Cheers, Alan

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