[Zope-dev] Zope3 / ERP Project Launched

Aurélien Calonne aurel at nexedi.com
Wed Aug 31 11:14:28 EDT 2005


On the behalf of ERP5 developer community,I am pleased to announce
Zope3 / ERP Project and its new moto: "no overhead, high performance".

The goal of the Z3ERP project is to leverage the Zope3 platform and
build an ERP solution based on ERP5 technologies with the capability of
handling more than 1,000 concurrent users or 1,000,000,000 business
records and compete with the famous proprietary ERP solutions. The
project has been discussed with ERP5 developers and customers in Africa,
Americas, Asia and Europe for now one year. Initial high performance
experimentations have been conducted with success and give us the
confidence that this goal can be reached.

Besides high performance, the project aims at providing full
compatibility with Zope2 implementations of ERP5, developing Javascript
Web user interfaces (AJAX) which increase enterprise productivity and
are compatible with high latency WAN networks, creating predefined
localisation guidelines and developing efficient model based
configuration solutions.

The project will be organised through a series of sprints and experience
build-up sessions. Sprint activities are open to experienced ERP5 
developers. Training sessions will be organised in parallel for
experienced Zope developers who wish to gain ERP5 experience and
participate in the next sprint. Project events will be published on
www.z3erp.org. The first project sesssion will happen during the DZUG
meeting on September 22 and 23 in Köthen/Anhalt city.

Preferred licensing of project is GPL. Hosting of the project is on a 
dedicated Erp5.org workspace. Any contribution must be GPL compatible
(ex. ZPL). Copyright is assigned to contributor on a per component
level. To prevent any legal risks resulting from mergers or buyouts, all
code will be formally licensed to the Foundation for a Free Information
Infrastructure (FFII), a global independent software association. All
project code must be archived in the FFII repository.

Nexedi has already assigned 2 full-time engineers to this project.

More information can be obtained by writing at z3erp at z3erp.org



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