[Zope-dev] Authentification bug in 2.6.4

Frederic de Zorzi fredz at pimentech.net
Fri Jan 7 15:51:27 EST 2005


After disabling Anonymous access in "Wedbav Access" permission on root 
folder, I've lost all non-Manager accesses in 2.6.4 servers :

Each time I try to access a restricted page (anonymous access works), 
I have the folowing :

Traceback (innermost last):
  Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 89, in publish
  Module ZPublisher.BaseRequest, line 438, in traverse
  Module ZPublisher.HTTPResponse, line 663, in unauthorized	
Unauthorized: <strong>You are not authorized to access this resource.</strong>

I've reactivated anonymous access for webdav, same thing. This happens with our
4 zope servers (debian woody, zope 2.6.4, python 2.1) :(((


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